What Is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a general term for any steps a company takes to connect with customers through electronic technology. Digital marketing promotes and sells products or services to prospective customers through online platforms such as email, social media, mobile marketing, online customer communities, webinars and other video-based content.

The digital marketing process involves similar tactics as traditional marketing. Organizations can combine both traditional and digital marketing techniques as a strategy.


18 key types of digital marketing techniques across 6 media channels

There are many online communications techniques that marketers must prioritize to include as part of their communications strategy. Marketers often use paid, owned and earned media to describe investments at a high-level, but it’s more common to refer to six specific digital media channels when selecting specific always-on and campaign investments.

To simplify prioritization, we recommend considering the paid, owned and earned techniques available within six digital media channels or communications tools shown in the next visual. Combining the techniques in this way gives 18 digital communications techniques for businesses to consider. Companies with limited budget for paid media can focus on Owned and Earned techniques.

Digital marketing benefits

Digital marketing should be an integral part of any business marketing strategy for many reasons. Benefits include:

  • It scales easily
  • It is cost-effective 
  • It provides a direct line to engage with your customers
  • Results can be quickly and transparently measured and analyzed
  • It provides an avenue for you to learn from your customers, market, and other industry players



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