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What Is Digital Business?

Digital business uses digital technologies to create new or improved business processes, products, or services. It can also be defined as the application of digital technology in all aspects of a company’s operations, from product development and production to marketing and sales.

One key characteristic of digital businesses is that they are data-driven. That is, they rely on data to decide what to do next. This data can come from many sources, including customers, employees, and sensors.

Digital businesses are often able to move quickly and iterate rapidly. This is because they can use digital tools to test new ideas quickly and cheaply. For example, it might use a website or app to try a new feature with some users before launching it to the entire user base. They are also often global in nature. This is because they can reach customers anywhere in the world through digital channels such as the internet.


The balance between technology, efficiency and humanity

Digital business is not just about technology, disruption or even business in the strict sense. Technology is not a holy grail. What matters is how digital technologies impact business in real life because they impact the behavior and attitudes of people across all their activities. Just consider how organizations, executives, teams and people use them to improve the ways they serve their customers, collaborate and operate. Value.

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